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Why engage the services of a life coach for personal or professional development?  Because like sports coaches, they give you the tools to get from where you are to where you want to be with practical advice in a positive environment that's all about you or your organization's particular needs and 'emotional' fitness level. 


I am Joël Roy, an award-winning, certified life coach,  international motivational speaker and radio show host.  I named my program 'I Refuse to Lose' to remind everyone that success is within your reach with the right educational program. Whether you attend private life coaching sessions or one of my professional development programs, you will obtain the soft skills you need to take your life or your career from chaos to peace.  Together, we will unlock your potential to overcome adversity!

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You will learn the difference between reacting and responding.  You will learn how to demonstrate unconditional love, without becoming a doormat.  You will learn how to communicate with others around you using the three 'Fs' technique:  be Fun, be Fair, and be Firm.    


Your Greatest Self.

Together we will explore the four faces of a person's character and how to bring those into balance.  As you learn the foundations of good character, you will be amazed at the changes around you!



How we communicate with one another is crucial in handling life, problems, crises or whatever else comes our way.  


I will train you or your team to better manage any interpersonal relationship by identifying the common areas we all face which keep us from reaching our potential.


  • Identify thought patterns which keep you down

  • Learn how to be an influencer

  • Learn how to have a loyal confrontation

  • Learn the four character cornerstones

  • and more... 


Have you ever said to yourself:  


"My life is out of control!" 

"People are driving me crazy!

"Why do bad things keep happening to me?  What ever happened to joy and happiness?" 

"I need a break from all this chaos!"

"I know there's got to be a better way!"


One-on-one education through life coaching can teach you to disarm aggression, redirect undesirable behavior and regain order and peace in your life.

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River in Spring

I created 'I Refuse to Lose' to help anyone who is looking for hope, but who really hungers for change.  


christian life coach, christian motivational speaker
2013 Family Values Award Rockbridge County, VA Joel Roy

Joël Roy, certified Life Coach & International Motivational Speaker
2013 Family Values Award Recipient


Member, Toastmaster's International

Secular or Christian
Motivational Presentations for:


  • Corporate Events

  • Business Events

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Church Events

  • Community Events

  • Non-Profit Events

  • Sports Teams and Coaches

Joël is an awesome person. He is not only a great advice giver but also someone that listens with all ears and does not judge. Thank you for all that you do for each one of us.  ~ Cathy


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